No More “Comes With Music” for Nokia

The all-you-can-eat music offering from Nokia known as Ovi Music Unlimited which was also known as “Comes with Music” no longer be made available to most of the handsets, most likely will be discontinued. According to the company, the service has been suffering from unpopularity compared to Apple’s iTunes Store and other music services.

The service will be discontinued in 27 of the 33 countries currently with the service offered.

China, India, Indonesia will continue to have the 12 month option available, while 6 month subscriptions will remain available in Turkey, Brazil and South Africa. Customers who bought the service shall not worry as it will not be taken away from them, but don’t hope for any extensions.

Nokia stresses that Ovi Music will still be available, but users are only offered with pay per track option for now.
When asked why the closure of Ovi Music Unlimited, they said “We are currently working with our partners to deliver new, innovative music services as part of the Ovi experience during 2011.”

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