Nokia C7 as remote control for BMW

I’m sure you’ve heard of similar stories like this before about using mobile phones to control toy cars or miniature helicopters.. but this one is just too awesome to be true.

Apparently, 2 engineers from Nokia Asia have managed to successfully create a program for the Nokia C7 for it to remotely control the handlings of the 1-series with just a few taps and slides on the screen.

The Nokia C7 as we know it, is their latest Symbian^3 device in the market now that sports an 8megapixel camera that shoots HD videos.

The 2 engineers took just 20 days to come out with the necessary software and remote control hardware to operate a 1-Series’ steering, brakes and accelerator, as well as all the regular gadgets inside.

Dont believe it? Here’s the video as prove.