Hear The Difference with Nokia’s HD Voice Phones

First of all, you might ask, “What’s HD Voice?”

HD voice enables significantly enhanced audio quality on mobile devices calls. It doubles the audio bandwidth available using an industry specified speech codec called Wideband Adaptive Multirate Speech (WB-AMR) which extends audio bandwidth to 50-7000 Hz, compared with today’s narrowband frequency range of 300-3400 Hz. Higher bandwidth means a clear voice experience with increased naturalness, presence and comfort, better differentiation and intelligibility.

Martin Stanford from Sky News, makes a phone call from a HD voice-enabled Nokia phone and a competitor’s phone, without HD voice. The difference is crystal clear, as his video below demonstrates.

Martin speaks to Andrew Warner from Orange, who has this to say about non HD voice technology:

We’ve squeezed more speech information into our network. So at the moment, with normal phone calling, only a very small portion of your voice is actually transmitted, which makes it actually quite hard to hear phone calls. That means background noise is more of a problem.

Here’s a video demo of HD Voice.

Nokia’s portfolio includes a slew of 15 HD voice devices including the Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, X3-02, and C3-01 in 2010, and will be supported by a vast majority of Nokia devices in 2011 including the Nokia E7.