BlackBerry Messenger 6 details leaked. A new feature is coming

An Indonesian source, KomBB has leaked some details of the new Blackberry Messenger 6 details and seems like RIM wants to show that they can have some fun too and not just all business.

Here are some of the features rumored:
– The ability to play games and use your BBM user name as your gamer name
Cross chats between users over BBM
– When tasks are completed in these new games, user statuses will change to show the completed task
– BBM6 groups will be able to handle more members
– BBM6 will be supported on all devices running OS 5+

Seems like Blackberry users are gonna get more addicted to their BBMs now with gaming statuses/accomplishments integrated… but.. gaming on a Blackberry? hmm

Anyways, Gamematchi is reportedly developing games for the new BBM6 platform.

What is your opinion on gaming on the Blackberry? Let us know. Leave a comment!


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