‘Dead Space’ for iOS – A Fantastically Terrifying Game

If there’s a game on the iOS that keeps me panic and nervous throughout the whole gameplay, its gonna be Dead Space. The scenarios are unpredictable and the terror-drenched atmosphere makes you feel like you are trapped with the chance of dying at any point of time.

Dead Space is a sequel to the original Dead Space, a console and PC joint created by the EA Visceral. It happens to take place before the events of Dead Space 2 on the mining colony in space.

So the game basically is about you, an engineer called “Vandal” who are alone in the mining colony which is now taken over by gory aliens. As you explore the area, you are greeted with piles of corpses with missing flesh, blood splats all over, wrecked lockers, broken glass… u get the picture.

The controls are actually not that easy and it feels clunky. Your weapons; plasma cutters and cutter blades are pretty violent itself. Often times you find yourself switched to target mode accidentally and sometimes it takes you too long to get into the mode that it gets your killed. Practise makes perfect and I think these clunky-ness adds to the fun of the game. It amplifies the terror and the panic level as you know you have to be alert and be fast.

I’d highly recommend this game as it’s very worth the money you pay although I’d say if you have an iPad, get the iPad version. The bigger screen estate can really help you ‘see more’ in the game.

Experience the terror of Dead Space in this gameplay video below.

Dead Space [iPhone], $6.99
Dead Space [iPad], $9.99