KIJJAA! A browser based game controlled using iPhone

Sure we’ve heard of motion based games on the Wii, Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move… but this is different. It’s a browser based 3D flash game that utilises your iOS device as an accelerometer and gyroscope-based wireless controller. HOW COOL IS THAT? Read on.

The game is separated to 2 parts.

The browser: which is where all the actions take place.
The iOS device: as the controller

Upon launching the game[], you will be given a code that you have to insert into the kijjaa! app on your iPhone to connect. The link is then established via WiFi or 3G.

This is what you see on your phone when you start the app.

It’s actually a very simple game — based on the app’s description on iTunes, the game’s designed with students and office workers in mind, so it’s ideal for those seeking a fun quickie during their short breaks. All you need to do is just shoot at weird looking ghosts/ships, collect hearts and dodge obstacles.

Keep tapping the 2 red areas on the iPhone to shoot and tilt it to fly around the space.

The app costs only $0.99 and I think its worth the money. You are buying the experience and the innovation + some fun at work/school.

Kijjaa! [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad], $0.99

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