‘Angry Birds Rio’ Coming in March. Movie in April

Angry Birds will be appearing in theaters soon! woohoo!

The maker of the popular mobile game, Rovio and Twentieth Century Fox have teamed up to produce a movie called “Angry Birds : Rio” which will be coming in April this year.

In Angry Birds Rio, the original flock is kidnapped and taken to Rio, where they then escape and seek to help their friends–the two macaws Blu and Jewel, who are the stars of “Rio.”

Here’s a scene from the movie trailer. In conjunction with the release of the movie, a new version of the game will also be made and will be made available prior to the movie, which is in March.

The game will have 45 levels initially, and then additional levels will be available via updates. The game will be available for various smartphones and tablets.

Check out the trailer below.