Nokia E7 Hands-On: Physical Overview [Video]

What’s the next big Nokia device heading our way?

It’s none other than the beastly E7. A device powered by Symbian^3, with 4″ ClearBlack Display touchscreen, slide out QWERTY keyboard, 8mp camera with HD recording and business features. If this is not a Nokia beast, then I don’t know what is.

discovrpOp was invited to a preview session of the device by Nokia Malaysia a while back and we have got the chance to fondle the E7 for a while. This hands-on report will be posted in different parts highlighting a few aspects of the device.

The session was conducted by Glen Cha, product manager for Nokia Malaysia.

Let’s check out the physical outlook of the Nokia E7 in this post.

The 4″ capacitive screen is ClearBlack display made for improved outdoor visibility and it’s the biggest screen among all Nokia devices. It is 16:9 nHD with resolution 640 x 360 pixels and supports up to 16 million colours. From what we saw, the screen can be compared to the Samsung AMOLED screens, very bright, very vibrant and the ClearBlack technology really helps in the clarity and viewing angle of the screen both indoor and outdoor. Clearly one of the best screens among all current Nokia devices.

The volume/camera zoom toggle is now a ‘springy’ slide. The tiny knob stays in the middle and will spring back to the center everytime after we push it left/right. This is a good application of the button to eliminate hand shake and the movement of the device when zooming during video recording.

The 8mp camera is placed at the top side of the phone with 2 LED flashes.

The top of the phone sports a 3.5mm headphone jack, HDMI cable port and power button.

As we push the side of the phone, the top part of E7 will slide open to reveal the full QWERTY keyboard. The keys are backlit so users can type even in the dark. The keys are very nice to press and gives a good feedback when pressed. Distance between keys ensures it fits anyone even those with fat fingers. Sliding mechanism is exactly like the N97 so you can basically imagine how it’s like but this one is a lot more solid.

More review of the interface, apps, video player, camera soon. Check out the video below for more physical outlook.

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