Windows Phone 7 to Get Multitasking, Xbox Game Play, IE9

Great news! Microsoft has announced on Monday that they will be releasing 2 updates for Windows Phone 7 this year!
The updates include features like multitasking, simultaneous game play with an Xbox, and Internet Explorer 9.

The first update, which is due in March this year, will bring ‘copy and paste’ to WP7 as well as some performance tweaks and support for CDMA networks.

THE BIGGEST update would actually be the 2nd one which includes the features mentioned above.

Windows Phone unit President Andy Lees told Mobilized that the new release later this year should answer critics who worried that Microsoft wouldn’t be able to innovate fast enough to catch up or leapfrog over features available on rivals such as iPhone and Android.

Moving the full IE9 browser over to the phone will allow for hardware acceleration and other features that have not been possible on phones in the past, Lees said. For battery and other reasons, Lees said that the new release won’t support Adobe’s Flash, however Lees said it is not a religious issue for Lees and that the company may add such support down the road.


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