How to save photos from iPhone Facebook app to camera roll

This tweak is for Jailbroken iPhones and iPod touch only.

FBphotoSave is a tweak that allows you to save photos from the Facebook app to your Camera Roll. Most of us knows how to save photos from the browser to camera roll; tapping and holding on the photo and a popup will ask us if we want to save it.

By default, there’s no way we can do this on Facebook. All we could do is just take a screenshot on the particular photo and end up having a small resolution one… but not anymore. With FBPhotoSave, we can now save any photos we want from the app.

Download FBPhotoSave from Cydia. It costs $2.99 from modmyi ( repo but you can get it if you have insanelyi ( repo added to your sources (if you know what I mean).

After installing, you will see the settings in the stock settings screen, allowing you to enable/disable the feature and set the quality of the photos saved.

To save photos from Facebook app, just tap and hold on a photo and then press ‘confirm’ when asked. It will then prompt a confirmation and you can then check out your camera roll for the saved photo.