Nokia E7 Hands-On pt2: Comparing Sizes with E90 + A look at 4sq, Angry Birds & Gallery

This is part 2 of Nokia E7 hands-on which took place a while ago at Nokia HQ in Kuala Lumpur. You can find part 1 – Physical Overview here.

Here are some photos comparing the size and outlook between the new communicator, E7 and the previous one, E90.

As we can see here both are of similar length, with the E90 at 132mm and the E7 at 123.7mm. Both runs on Symbian E90(S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1), E7(Symbian^3). Symbian^3 is currently the most advanced and best looking Symbian currently used by Nokia devices and it’s optimised for touchscreen.

Nokia has taken away a lot of shortcut keys on the E90 keyboard as they are not needed anymore. Functions and apps can now be access from the homescreen of the E7.

The E7 is a lot thinner than its predecessor. At 13.6mm thickness, it’s the same thickness as the keyboard of the E90, not including the screen, so there is a major improvement in size here. Even the screen is a lot thinner on the E7.

Here’s a quick look at some apps on the E7 (foursquare, photo gallery and Angry Birds)

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