TalkBox Voice Messenger for iOS Devices

TalkBox is sending messages with your voice. It’s an application dedicated to saving you the trouble of typing and to getting your messages across FAST!

Imagine the app like Whatsapp Messenger or PingChat or BBM.. but you communicate with only voice. Nothing else.

Once you sign up, you can choose to add contacts by linking it to your Facebook account. This is the simplest method as you get to see which of your friends whom has installed Talkbox and also is on your Facebook. The other method is to add contacts manually.

According to the app info on the AppStore:

MESSAGING MADE FAST: Talk the message and get it delivered instantly. No more typing hassle; no more uploading and downloading voice notes. TalkBox instant push-to-talk messaging saves your time.
EMOTIONS DELIVERED FAST: Let your friends feel more with your talking. EXPRESS emotions faster than any emoticon does.
PASTE YOUR VOICE ON FACEBOOK FAST: Yell it, shout it and get it posted on FB. Your friends are desperate to HEAR from you.
FAST YET CONSIDERATE: No obligation to reply right away. Enjoy the gratifying delay and listen back to the messages whenever you want.

I personally love the group voice chat feature whereby members in the chatroom talk to one another using voice and we can read each of them whenever we are free. Audio quality is great and the messages really get sent fast. Try it while its free.

TalkBox Voice Messenger, FREE