‘Tiny Wings’ for iOS. Simple yet addictive.

Tiny Wings for iOS is how simple games should be like. Great looking, pleasant to the eye colour schemes, easy controls with soothing music. The gameplay is addictive enough for you to come back for more and not to mention that the main character, the bird with tiny wings, looks cute enough to catch your attention. No doubt this game gained popularity within just a short period of time.

The gameplay is simple. Side scrolling with just 1 control. Tap and release. The bird moves and flies by itself but tapping the screen makes it dive like a heavy bird. This game involves some inertia action whereby you need to dive the bid downhill in order to gain momentum when it gets uphill which eventually will set the bird flying up and up and up.

Some hills have coins for you to pick up and some has blue orbs to boost your speed. So cute bird flying in a nice looking world with colourful hills. What’s the catch? Nightfall. You have to fly fast and far enough to avoid the darkness of the night to catch up with you. If it does, little bird falls asleep and the game ends.

Downside of the game? Not compatible with online leaderboards like Gamecenter or Openfeint. How I wish I can compete with my friends to see who flies the furthest. Oh well, hope they will add this feature in the next update.

Watch the game trailer below.

I fully recommend this game if you are bored of the usual games like Angry Birds (which usually makes you angry) and wanna try out some other games.

Tiny Wings, $0.99

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