[Photo App] Halftone for iPhone

This app basically recreates the pulpy, aged, halftone feel of old comic books and apply it to your photos and that’s about it. Haha. There are of course millions of apps that you can get from the Appstore to have similar effects on your photos but I guess this one is very simple to use and has a variety of options to customize.

Upon launching the app, tips will be displayed telling you the functions of each button. The screen on the right shows the loading bar when processing a photo.

To get started, just strike an awesome pose and load it into the app. Halftone imports photo either straight from the camera or the photo album.

Paper styles and dialogue box can be chosen from the options menu and it will be applied to your photo straight away.

Next, you might wanna change the font size and format. Once done, we can share it on Facebook, send to mail or save it to the photo gallery.

Try it out if you want some variety apart from all the effects you get from Instagram.

Halftone, $0.99

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