Nokia E7 Bloggers Event in KL, Malaysia

The Nokia E7 has just been announced yesterday here in Kuala Lumpur and has got the whole city buzzing with business phrases: one of it is “Success Has A New Formula”.

A dinner session was held few hours ago introducing the Nokia E7 to bloggers, forummers and enthusiast at Aria Cafe, Plaza Damansara.

Here are some photos from the dinner.

The attendees were introduced to the E7 by Mr. Joseph, Product Manager, Nokia Malaysia, highlighting the 7 Es for Success with the E7.

– Email Connectivity
– Efficient Tools
– Essentials on-the-go
– Exciting Social Interactions
– Endless Fun with Applications
– Excellent Navigation
– Enhanced Viewing.

Some E7 units were there for us to try and fiddle.

Registering to get the Nokia E7 for the night.

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We had some contest goin on too at the dinner. Highest scorer in Angry Birds wins.

The dinner ended with a group shot.

The Nokia E7 is priced at RM1995 (RRP) and colours available are dark grey & silver white.

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