Socialcam for iPhone & Android. It’s Like Instagram for Videos.

You may have heard or used Instagram and you do know that it’s like a social sharing app for photos with friends. You can apply filters to the photos you share and the app lets you ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on photos submitted by people.

Well, this is Socialcam. It’s like Instagram, but for videos. It’s produced by the people from The app lets you do exactly the things you do on Instagram, apart from applying filters. Best thing is; the app is available for both iPhone and Android devices!

Upon launching the app for the first time, it will prompt you to connect with Facebook. Currently it’s the only way to get an account on Socialcam. it’s also good cos at least we are sure whoever that follows us are friends from our Facebook.

Once you are in, you will see a similar interface to Instagram, A feed of videos posted by your friends. There are buttons like “Tagged people”, “Like & Comment” and “Share” under each video.

Once you tap on the video, it will play in fullscreen. Depending on your connection, the video might take a while to load. Tapping on the buttons, however, brings you to the ‘like and comment’ screen.

To post a video, tap the ‘Camera’ button at the bottom of the main screen and you can start recording your masterpiece! Once done, you will be able to add title and tag your friends. You may also share them on Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.

This is how it looks like once you have shared the video on your Facebook.

2 amazing facts about Socialcam:

– Your friends can play the video straight away on Facebook without the need to install any additional app.
– Socialcam captures screenshots of the faces that appear in your video so your friends will not see legs or shoes or buildings in your video thumbnail preview. It’s easier for people to quickly find out who are in the video.

Socialcam, iPhone [FREE]
Socialcam, Android [FREE]

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