TweetDeck Announces New iOS App Coming Soon

Tweetdeck for iOS has been left untouched for a while now and the iPhone version is still very much not optimised for Retina Display. They have been updating the Android and desktop version a lot lately and I think it’s time they announce this.

On their blog yesterday, Tweetdeck announced that they have been working on a brand new app for the iPhone and iPad.

This is how the current version of Tweetdeck for iOS looks like.

The preview screenshot on their blog looks a lot like the Android version. Cleaner and lighter on the eye.

This totally new, fully iOS4-compatible TweetDeck app has been built completely from scratch. It is not only the most powerful and flexible mobile app we have ever produced, but also the most jaw-droppingly beautiful. This is the app your retina display has been crying out for.

A major new feature of iOS TweetDeck will be totally flexible columns. You want to create a column blending your Mentions and some Twitter Lists? No problem! Always wanted to see your Facebook feed and Twitter DMs in a single column? We’ve got you covered! New iOS TweetDeck puts you in control of your columns, giving total flexibility over which feeds appear in which columns. Your social world has never been so personal.

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