4 Awesome iOS Games To Look Out For

Tired of the games you have now on your iOS devices? Here are some games for you to Discovr. I think these 4 games are awesome and I can’t wait to get them!

1. Smuggle Truck

This is more of a physics game whereby players control a pickup truck loaded with illegal immigrants attempting to cross the US border. Graphics looks good and as simple as the gameplay is, I can imagine how difficult it is to drive through all the challenges and slopes. The game should be out within this month.

2. ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard’

I am actually quite a fan of the Tom Clancy’s series of games and this trailer looks fantastic. Especially when it’s made for the iOS platform. What’s more exciting about this game is the 11 included missions online in a co-op mode with 3 players, and there’s even 10 player multiplayer. Wow. The game should be out next week.

3. Car Jack Streets 2

This one looks like Grand Theft Auto with funny graphics. Boxy 3D car chase sounds fun eh?

4. Bumpy Road

It’s basically a 2D scroller love story on 4 wheels. The gameplay is quite simple as well. Players just tap on the screen and drag along the ground to create bumps to help the couple in the car collect memories of their past. The game will be made available in the AppStore early this spring.

That’s all for games Discovry today.
Which game are you looking forward the most for?