Sample videos shot using the iPad 2

As we all already know, the iPad 2 is equipped with 2 cameras. A VGA Facetime camera in front and a back camera that shoots HD videos at 720p + 5x zoom for photos.

Apple didn’t really mention or publish the specific details about the camera; the megapixels count of the camera, but how will the iPad 2 HD videos turn out? Seems like no one really tried to get video samples from the device yet.

Fortunately, there’s a sample video on Youtube recorded using the iPad 2’s back camera. Don’t expect much as the video was transfered via email (means it has been compressed), shot in low light condition and uploaded to Youtube at only 360p.

Guess this is the only video sample we can see now til the iPad 2 comes to market on March 11 in the US.

UPDATE: More videos!