Instagram Adds Tilt-Shift & News Feed In New Update!

Probably the most useful update ever. Instagram‘s new v1.5 update adds a feature most of us use on our iPhone photos outside of Instagram; Tilt-Shift, and a very useful news feed, much like the one you see on Facebook.

Just for your information, Instagram currently has more than 2 million users and they are just few months old. This can only mean 1 thing. The app rocks.

The new addition of the photo effect, Tilt-shift, creates miniature effects to the objects in your photos. Works the best if your shot was taken from a higher angle. According to co-founder Kevin Systrom,

“It’s one of the most popular filters people have used outside of Instagram,”

To adjust the tilt-shift effect, just tap on the button on the bottom left of your photo, it will then go into tilt-shift mode. Then pinch and squeeze the 2 lines using 2 fingers to adjust the blur angle and width to your liking.

The NEW newsfeed now tells you what the people you follow did recently; liking photos, commenting on photos etc. When asked about what he thinks of the updated news feed, Systrom said;

“I’m excited that the new version gives people a whole new way to browse Instagram. Through your friends’ activity you have rich way for discovering beautiful photos you may never have seen otherwise. The new features open up new doors for exploration and discovery which make Instagram that much more fun to use,”

Here’s a sample photo I produced using the tilt-shift effect + X pro filter.

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