WinAmp 1.0 Update for Android Brings New Features!

Version 1.0 of Winamp is here and this will bring happiness to many Android users.

One of the big enhancement is definitely the new ‘Now Playing’ screen. A new “Info” button has been added which provides biographies, discographies, album photos, and links to articles written about the artist.

What a track changes, a popup message will appear to tell you the song info. Users can also skip songs by swiping the finger across the screen.

Winamp 1.0 also has a new home screen with new buttons for “Search” and “Free Music”. Also a revamped lock screen that mimics the “Now Playing” screen.

Users can use the Android voice command system to comtrol the player. Awesome.

Other new features includes: wifi music syncing and Spinner integration, enabling users to purchase music from the player homescreen.

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