Nokia EVP & Rovio’s CEO Talk Angry Birds

The two mobile giants sat down during a SXSW panel to discuss Angry Birds and mobile gaming with EVP Tero Ojanperä from Nokia and Rovio’s CEO Peter Vesterbacka.

According to the discussion, Angry Birds has become a cultural phenomenon and has 40 million active users and is the third most popular game on Facebook. 200 million minutes a day are spent playing Angry Birds worldwide. It’s the fastest game to ever hit 100 million downloads – and they have a goal of one billion. Peter Vesterbacka isn’t kidding when he said, “Everyone is playing Angry Birds.”

Peter Vesterbacka also hinted on some new stuff coming for the Angry Birds:

There will be no “Angry Birds 2”. “That would be lame”, he says. “That’s the Hollywood model, and we’re from Finland, we don’t do that.”
Instead they’ll look into new technologies into the game. A lot more people have played Angry Birds than checked in to Foursquare, so location aspects could come, but he assures everyone that “we don’t want to create experiences just for the sake of technology.”
Also look out for “Angry Birds social gaming 2.0” coming in May along with “build your own level” capabilities in the future.

Check out the videos below.

Part 1

Part 2