Add Labels To Your Photos With LabelBox for iOS

If you have been taking photos on the iPhone all these while, you should realise that there isn’t many apps that let’s you add text to your photos. This one let’s you add text labels, gives you lots of options and most importantly, it’s FREE.

According to the AppStore description;

Labelbox is a simple, easy to use, photo labeler using a variety of beautiful tapes that stylishly labels your photos.
Select, swipe and type.

Labelbox helps you highlight areas, label items in your photo in an artistic, creative and fun way. You can even use different labels to create frames inside your photo.

Features include:
– 9 different styles FREE
– Masking tape, sticky tape, Ribbons, Candy Wrappers
– 4 Cloth labels in an in-app purchase, Camouflage, Polka dots
– Type in all directions
– Create funky frames using the tapes

As fun as it is to add text labels, there are some shortcomings to this app. Apparently we are not able to move, rotate and resize the labels after we placed them. So it’s better to plan first before you place them or you will have to take the trouble to remove them and put the labels again.

LabelBox for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, FREE.

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