Angry Birds Casing For The iPad 2

If you are an Angry Birds fan and owns and iPhone 4, then you should’ve already seen my previous post on Angry Birds casing for the iPhone 4 by Gear4.

In that post, I reviewed the casing and posted photos and video of it.

Guess what. the makers of the casing, Gear4 is now back with Angry Birds casing for the iPad 2!

EXCITED?! Well maybe you are.. or not.. I’m not sure but at least you now have another awesome option to protect your beloved Apple tablet other than the Smart Cover.

This one is for the fans of red bird definitely.

Just in case if you are not interested in both pig and red bird, they have one which features everything… but it’s in landscape mode so the casing will look weird when you are holding the iPad 2 vertically. Just a thought.

Check out Gear4’s website if you wanna get your hands on these.

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