[Report] FaceTime App May “Freeze” Your iPad 2

According to an AppInsider report, some users have reported freezing issues with FaceTime video chat on their iPad 2 which requires a restart of the device in order to get out from the ‘freeze’ state.

When I opened up FaceTime the first time, the camera was working fine, but now whenever I open it up, it just shows a still image from when I left.

User “CRK The Man” wrote.

Restarting the ipad fixes the problem, BUT, it happens again with in the next two to three times i go to use it.

Said user leov36.

Most users seem to have found success in repairing FaceTime by simply restarting their iPad 2. Others have gone as far as completing a full software restore of the iPad 2 to address the problem.

Another users (dels7080) notes that the manager of the 68th St NYC Verizon store said it has happened to a lot of his floor units as well. So far we haven’t experienced the issue with our unit; however, let us know if your experience differs.

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