5 Ways To View Instagram Photos On The Web

Hi. I love Instagram. I’m sure you do too, or else you will not be reading this post. Right?

Here are 5 sites utilising the recently released Instagram APIs which allows users to view Instagram photos on the web.

1. Snapfinch

This site incorporates photos not only from Instagram but also Picplz, Steply, Burstn and Snapr. So if you are a pure Instagram user, I would recomend you trying out the other options below.

2. Inkstagram

I quite like this one. It has the option for us to set the size of all the photos displayed. We can view photos from our feeds, own photos, popular and from search. Just like on the Instagram app. The only downside? The site is quite sluggish.. not too much.. just a little bit, so its still acceptable.

3. WebStagram

This one looks similar to Snapfinch and has features like Inkstagram. I like how they let users view photos in tiles and in list form. We can like and comment photos on the site too.

4. Insta-Great

Photos on this one are displayed in a form of a horizontal strip ala 2d album art. We can switch between popular photos, own photos and timeline view. Not having the list/tile format makes it quite hard to look at certain pictures other than the newest ones.

5. Gramfeed

Gramfeed is the most common one among all. Works like how you expect it to be. Has all the Instagram features.

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