Camera+ Gives You Clarity in Photos

In my opinion, one of the best full fledge camera apps out there for the iPhone currently has to be Camera+. Been having this app all these while and it didn’t stand out amongst all the other camera apps in my phone until now.

Apart from all the features one would expect to come with camera apps, I am really liking 2 of it which is available in the latest version of Camera+.

First one I like is the ability to set focus area and exposure separately by utilising multitouch on the viewfinder screen.

By using 2 fingers, we can tell the app where to focus and where to set the exposure of the photo at. I am sure you have experienced this before with the camera app on the iPhone. Tapping one spot to focus, but if the exposure for the spot is too high or too low then your photo will turn out ugly. This will not happen anymore with Camera+

2nd feature I like is the one they are promoting a lot now which is called “Clarity”. It’s basically a one-tap feature to enhance your photos to look sharper, higher contrast and generally better looking aka better clarity.

Check out this sample below:

Before applying Clarity, this photo looks normal and dull, with shaded areas being dark and details are not obvious.

Notice the difference after Clarity being applied to the photo? Amazing.

Check out this amazing promo vieo for Clarity in Camera+.

Camera+, iPhone & iPod Touch; $0.99

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