A Sneak Peek At Nokia HQ in Finland [photos]

Nokia Conversations has posted some photos taken at the Nokia HQ recently at Espoo, Finland.

About 2,500 people work in the Nokia HQ in Keilalahti, Espoo, Finland. In addition to the office spaces, the building packs two cafeterias, a coffee shop, a post office, a laundry, a health clinic, a cashpoint, a gym, a shop that sells Nokia merchandise, as well as several saunas.

Nokia HQ aka ‘Nokia House’ is one of the most international workplaces in Finland; at least 60 different nationalities work here. The official working language is English, but you can also hear Finnish, Swedish and a mix of various other languages.

The lounge

The gym

The sauna

Nokia Shop just in case anyone wants to buy Nokia merchandises

More photos here.