Hong Kong To Get 2 Apple Stores. First One Opening End 2011

According to ifoAppleStore, a reliable source of information when it comes to detailing Apple’s projects in the retail space, has uncovered the first Apple Stores that will open in Hong Kong by the end of 2011 and the second one in Q2 of 2012. The opening of these 2 stores is not surprising as Apple has been retailing in the country for more than 10 years.

The Apple retail team has scouted several locations and the final decision was to pick the International Finance Center (IFC) for the first store.

The IFC consists of two high-rise office towers linked by a three-story shopping mall that includes a multi-screen cinema and a 55-story, five-star hotel. Across the roadway and linked by an enclosed bridge is the city’s main train station. Adjacent to the IFC is the construction site for an enormous, bayside civic plaza that will attract millions of visitors a year.

The left half of the future Apple storefront at IFC, spanning two levels. The storefront will be parallel with the wall (left), extending 90 feet away from the camera. The barricade walk-through (right) is where the glass bridge and staircase will be located center-store, connecting to the upper mall walkway (far right).

The second Apple Store will be opened in Causeway Bay. The area is a mix of bayside office towers and decades-old buildings set along congested, more traditional Hong Kong streets. The only spot suitable for Apple to open their store is in the Hysan Place.

The developers say the Hysan Place project could be finished some time in the second quarter of 2012, and tipsters say the Apple store would open at the same time. It’s unknown where in the building the Apple store will be located.

The mall will feature an “open store format,” the developer says, “with high ceilings to enhance the shopping experience, while express escalators and double-decked lifts will allow for smooth flow of shopping traffic within the retail mall.”


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