ShowYou for iPhone & iPad Shows You Videos In Flipboard Style

Another day, another app emerges. This time around we are introducing you an app that shows you videos shared by your friends on social networks. If you have heard of Flipboard, then this is the Flipboard for videos.

According to the AppStore description:

Showyou is a fun and immersive social video app for your iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch. Watch the videos your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Vodpod, all in one place, the Showyou Grid.
Further customize Showyou by inviting your friends to get Showyou or by following other Showyou members.Talk about your favorite videos on Showyou with your friends on the Showyou feed. And watch videos being shared by your friends on your television using Airplay and an Apple TV (you’ll need version 2.0). It’s magical, really.

Here are 2 screenshots I grabbed on my iPhone while trying the app just now. The app has some low-res graphics here and there (perhaps not made to support the Retina Display) but still works fine.

I can say that ShowYou works best on the iPad as it has the vertical and horizontal scrolling of the video map.

ShowYou Features include:
The Showyou Grid, a customizable and awesomely fun-to-use 2D grid of nearly 1000 videos
The Showyou Feed, where you can watch and talk about videos with your friends on Showyou
Customize your Grid by inviting your friends, connecting to all your social networks, and following other Showyou members
– Tell your friends when you like a video they have shared by “thanking” them
Get notified when your friends thank you for sharing a video, or comment on a video you shared

Check out this video to learn more about this FREE app.

ShowYou, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad: FREE

  • Bob Affet

    The best use for the iPad would have to be DISH Remote Access from DISH Network. Working for DISH I know that this free app allows you to stream live TV straight to your iPad. You have full access to your DVR as well, even though you may not be at home. I mean you can skip back if you miss something or skip commercials if you’re watching something that was recorded.