Tweetbot for iPhone Might Just Be Your Preferred Twitter App

If you have been annoyed by the recent ‘trending’ bar on Twitter app and you thought that marks the end of your life in the social network, don’t fret. A saviour is here. A good looking one.

Tweetbot, from the makers of Convertbot, Weightbot and Calcbot aims to claim a spot in the ‘Social Network’ folder on your iPhone.
Apparently many people were already insanely excited about this app long before it became available on the AppStore yesterday. Amazing huh?

So what’s great and amazing about Tweetbot? EVERYTHING.

First of all, they have incorporated a lot of new gestures that you can use thoughout the app, like triple tap, left and right swipe etc. Upon launching the app, you will be greeted with some tips on how to fully utilise Tweetbot. On the right screen, you can actually see a blue bar telling you how many new tweets are there for you to read if you scroll up. Very beautifully done. Tapping the header will allow you to choose either timeline or anyone of your Twitter lists as your main feed.

In the main timeline, swiping your finger from left to right will get you to the ‘conversation’s screen and swiping right to left brings you to the related tweets screen. I love how they have all the retweets options in the retweet screen. Also it has @username autocomplete.

Tripple tapping a tweet lets you reply to the person and single tap bring up the submenu shortcuts. You will understand when you use Tweetbot. Here you can see 2 screens. Detailed view of a particular tweet (with preview of the twitpic and location) and also the user profile screen.

Another nice touch to Tweetbot is sound effects. Basically every action triggers a very subtle sound effect which is easy to the ears and very ‘notifying’ lol.


There are a lot more features on Tweetbot which I want you to discover yourselves… or you can check out a demo video below.

Tweetbot, iPhone; $1.99

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