The All New iPhone TweetDeck v2.0 Is Here!

Just released a few moments ago on the AppStore, the age old Tweetdeck app for iPhone has been revamped! It’s built from scratch therefore it is a brand new app and not an update.

According to Tweetdeck:

With the all-new iPhone TweetDeck, we have done just that. Our team took the original iPhone app and distilled the essence of what made it so popular into a series of guiding principles. They then embarked on creating a brand new app from scratch, making use of all the latest technologies and design approaches, but all the while with an eye on those fundamental principles from the original.

Users can choose to sign in via Twitter, Facebook or Tweetdeck account. The screen on the right is how the timeline looks. Tabs are indicated by thin lines below the header. It will light up in yellow whenever there are unread items.

Tweetdeck’s strength and specialty has always been the column swiping. In the main timeline, swiping left and right brings you to timeline, mentions and messages. Swiping in anyone’s profile screen will show you their tweets, retweets, etc.

Pinch any column to bring out the settings screen whereby you can rearrange the columns.

YES! It still has OLD STYLE RT! Most important feature often not found in many Twitter apps nowadays.

More from the developers:

Making the “pinch” gesture on a column give you access to options that will allow you to add any combination of your feeds into a column. Twitter timelines, Mentions, DMs Favourites, Lists, Searches, Facebook feeds….all can be blended together into columns that suit you.

It is recommended that you delete any old versions of Tweetdeck from your iPhone before getting the new one.

Here’s a video demonstration of the new app.

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