Threadless Launches Official iPhone App

To all you design tee fans! Threadless has just released their official iPhone app for all your creative/shopping needs!

Threadless is a community-based company that prints awesome designs created and chosen by you!
Our site is an ongoing open call for submissions where we also run theme-specific challenges. Now you can also use our brand spanking new app to score designs and do lots of other wacky stuff!

The app is one of a kind as we seldom see a horizontal layout app by default. The app has a few sections, similar to the website. The Challenge, Score, Shop, Settings and Wacky Stuff.

Once this app is yours, you can:
• Score designs and get info on how to make your own design
• Be in the know about all the fun design challenges to come.
Shop our awesomely designed one-of-a-kind tees and other stuff.
• Practice your doodling and drawing for future design submissions.
Threadcam your face, your friend’s face, or your dog’s face onto classic Threadless designs.
• Login to your Threadless account and keep tabs on the designs you’ve scored

The Challenge is basically a section for users to participate in their design challenges to produce quality artwork to be printed on their Tshirts.

Score is where users can rate iPhone casings which the votes will determine which design gets printed and sold on their website, in cooperation with Griffin.

The most important section is of course the tshirt design catalogue. here we can view different categories, styles and we can make purchases from the app itself!

Do check out the app if you love Threadless.

Threadless, iPhone: FREE