Vampire Rush, 3D Tower Defense/Action Game For iOS

Chillingo has just unleashed their latest game into the Appstore, named Vampire Rush, a tower defense/hack ‘n slash combo for gamers who love either one or both genres.

Vampire Rush consists of 7 levels, each with 10 waves of zombies which like other tower defense games, aim to destroy the gate that you are supposed to protect (why must it always be a gate huh?). Since it’s in 3D, you as the hero, gets to walk around the map exploring new areas, collecting goodies and also hunting down the monsters.

Your sword alone is not strong enough to defend the gate. You need to build towers which helps you in combating those waves of zombies and once you get enough money you can upgrade them to increase the firepower. You also get to buy skills, like fire, or health to aid you in your battle. The main charactor aka hero aka YOU.. has a few sword combos which earns money when you kill monters.

Here you can see the 7 levels represented by the 7 different locations in the map.

I am a fan of tower defense games hence, I love this one a lot. At least its a great variation from the usual top view defense games which you can only deploy towers. Love the skills purchase too. I’d say that this is a very addictive game if you love action or tower defense games.

Vampire Rush, iPhone: $1.99
Vampire Rush HD, iPad: $2.99