Track Your Popularity In Social Media With ‘Follows’ For iPhone

I’m sure most of us have tracked the amount of visitors or pageviews on our blogs or websites. We all want to know how many new people have seen our work or our profiles on the Internet.
Now how many of you want to track your daily popularity progress on Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc? Everyone I’m sure.

Here’s an app for the iPhone for you to do just that. Tracking your followers, friends, subscribers on a daily basis, with the app called “Follows”

It’s a free app on the Appstore that lets you track either your own or someone else’s popularity on platforms mentioned above.

According to the Appstore description:

Use this app to chart how many followers, friends, likes, subscriptions, connections or views you’ve accumulated across various social networks and services.
You can provide a custom URL to follows and have it track private data such as newsletter subscribers, comment counts, visitors, etc.

Currently Supported Services:
● Twitter
● Facebook
● Feedburner
● Flickr
● Foursquare
● LinkedIn
● MySpace
● SoundCloud
● Vimeo
● YouTube
● Custom (In-App Purchase)

Follows, iPhone: FREE

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