“Foodies” For iOS Requires Both Your Thumbs To Play

New game alert! FOODIES is a cute looking game utilising a new control mechanic which requires both your thumbs AT ALL TIMES.

So what’s this game about? It’s a short story of 2 creatures, Sam and Pam. Sam wants to marry Pam but she will only agree if he is fatter. So Sam has got to eat all sorts of food to get bigger so he can marry Pam.

How do your thumbs interact with this game? All your need to do is place both on the screen which will then form an invisible line. Sam will drop from the top and you will have to use this invisible line to push and bounce him around to eat all the food in sight.

There are 80 levels which varies from barriers, junk food, chainsaws and many other stuff. You might need to avoid these obstacles in most of the levels to get through to the next.

Achieving one level unlocks the next. I personally like the sound effects a lot. Try squishing Sam or pushing him hard to the top. His scream is hilarious!

Here’s a video of the game.

Foodies, iOS: $0.99