Hello. – A New Facebook App for iPad

Many people have been wondering why there is no official Facebook app for the iPad.
Well, if you have not heard what Mark Zuckerberg said back in 2010 in a Facebook event, here’s the quote:

iPad is not mobile.

The iPad is a mobile computer with a full fledge browser on a big screen. It does not need an app. Apps are only for mobile phones with small screens. That’s what I can interpret of it.

… but anyways… there are a lot of 3rd party Facebook apps on the Appstore like Facely, Friendly etc etc. Here’s another one, called “Hello.”

According to the description:
Hello. iPad App is a refreshing unobstructive Facebook viewing experience on iPad. We want you to stay on the news feed as long as possible. Checkout the screenshots below and from our website to see more.

We hate as much as you do having to navigate away to a comment or photo page and coming back to the main feed losing track of where it was. And that is why we want you to experience Hello. on iPad!

Upon launching the app for the first time, there is an overlay of tips telling you what each button does.

Most of the features are launched in a popup panel so you wont need to leave the newsfeed. Like this one in the screenshot above, updating status is done in a popup.

Same goes to viewing and commenting on photos.

Overall I think it’s a good app to browse Facebook as it has almost every feature one needs.

More on what the app can do:
● Quick Status Update
● Super fast Multiple Photos Upload
● A unique Profile Action Wheel
● Bookmarking
● Perfectly sized Videos & Photo view
● Portrait & Landscape viewing
● Multiple langues

Hello., iPad: $2.99

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