A Simple Introduction to Windows Phone 7

Recently I’ve met some friends and they were asking me how is the Windows Phone 7 like… since they have never seen, touched or played with one, it’s hard for them to understand the OS.

So here’s a very very simple post highlighting some of the WP7 features and interface and hope it helps anyone whom have not encountered the WP7 yet.

Here’s a 10-minutes video of a brief run though of some apps and interface on the WP7. You can skip the rest of this post actually. HAHA

Basically Windows Phone 7 is a brand new mobile OS from Microsoft. IT IS NOT THE SAME AS Windows Mobile 6.5 or any other OSes you’ve seenbefore this. WP7 focuses on clean interface with large fonts and smooth menu transitions.

The homescreen (as you can see from the photo above) are filled with squares which are called “LIVE TILES”. They are app shortcuts which also updates you on the latest happenings at the same time. For example, when you get an email, the email live-tile will display the number of new emails so you will know without opening the email app.

These tiles can be arranged easily by tap-holding them until they start to float. Drag them to the new location and tap the black around around it to return to normal mode.

There are 2 main hubs on WP7. First one is the People hub. It contains all your phonebook contacts on 1 section, and Facebook newsfeed on another. Tapping on the FB updates will let you comment or like them. As you can see here, the fonts are very big and the interface is not cluttered by funky designs at all.

The photo gallery hub works very similar to the people hub. It contains all photos taken using the phone camera, saved photos and also all your photos from Facebook! Speaking of convenience, you dont have to go to Facebook at all to access your photos.

On another section, you can see the 8 latest photos from the camera, and the last section displays all the newest photos uploaded by your friends on Facebook.

Here’s a photo of how Facebook app looks like on the Windows Phone 7. All the apps have similar interface. Big header texts, big fonts and clean interface with swipable sections. These multiple sections on the same app background is called the “Canvas”.

OK more to come! Stay tuned as there will be more demos and reviews of Windows Phone 7 and it’s apps!

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