High Noon for iPhone. A Multiplayer Game For The Gunsligners At Heart.

It’s always best to see multiplayer games which adds to the fun of mobile gaming. High Noon can be considered one of the most entertaining multiplayer game available on the iPhone which does not take too much of your time to play (unless you get addicted). It’s FREE too!

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a cowboy/cowgirl and all you do everyday in your town is look for people to duel with, then this is the game for you.

Your phone is your weapon as you duel with people online around the world to become the most wanted outlaw on the planet! Win duels and collect reward money to customize your character. As you build your reputation, the bounty on your head will attract competition from around the globe!

You start of as a level 0 cowboy with just a gun in your hand, you make your journey up to a higher level. From guns to rifles, you defeat people you see and get rewarded everytime you kill someone.

With rewards and coins you earn, you can customize the look of your cowboy character to add some funkiness in your appearance. You those coins to buy power ups, like ballots, flour pack, sheriff badge etc which contributes different upgrades to your cowboy character.

High Noon is fully integrated with Game Center and Facebook so you will definitely be able to find a friend to duel with you in a match. Chat with one another by sending them telegrams (which is basically text message).

How good is the game in making you feel like being in a cowboy town? The music, sound effects, and most importantly… the holstering of gun before every battle. You need to hold your iPhone down.. just like what cowboys do before every duel.

According to AppStore description:

✓ Intense heart-throbbing real-time multiplayer duels
✓ Realistic “your-phone-is-your-gun” holstering, drawing, aiming, shooting, and reloading actions
✓ Regular faction wars and competitions
✓ Game Center integration for finding friends sending duel challenges
✓ Stealing from your opponents (if you don’t get caught!)
✓ 4 gun types: revolver, shotgun, rifle, and scoped rifle
✓ Special equipment: dynamite, lassos, silver bullets, voodoo dolls… wooden teeth and more
✓ Western wear: greenhorn, gambler or disgruntled civil war soldier – you can customize your character from head to toe
✓ Indian trading post items that give you an edge up on the competition
High Noon is a multi-player game and requires at least a GPRS network connection, 3G or better is recommended.

There’s NO reason why you shouldn’t get this game. It’s FREE. It’s ADDICTIVE. It’s IMPRESSIVE.
This is currently my favorite game. Add me into your GameCenter (smashpop) and duel with me!

High Noon, iPhone: FREE

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