‘Pucca’s Restaurant’ For iOS. Manage Restaurant & Be Top Chef!

If you love cooking, managing your own restaurant and be the top chef who owns the best looking eatery in your neighborhood, then this might just be the reason why you will stick to your iOS devices in the days to come.

If you don’t know already, Pucca is a massive South Korean franchise which the company is now owned by Walt Disney. Pucca is a 10 year old girl who is in the family of some chinese noodle house owners.

Pucca’s Restaurant is a free app on the AppStore which is very much like any other freemium apps around. In the game, you play Pucca and you’ll need to prepare meals, manage staff and beautify your restaurant. Cooking meals earns you money and experience, which will eventually unlock new recipes and items as you level up. The more decorations you put in your restaurants, the more star it gets. This means your restaurant gets more popular. More customers will visit and you will need more staffs to handle the process of food serving.

There’s a brief tutorial on how to play the game when you first launch it. It’s very similar to the Facebook game “Restaurant City” so if you have played that before then there won’t be any difficulties in playing this.

You start off with a tiny space with just a few tables enough for you to get familiarized.

With social networking implemented in the game, you can invite friends from Facebook, Twitter and Gamecenter to join you in your journey of becoming a top chef!

It’s also location based. This means you can view the map and find nearby Pucca restaurants.

I’ve been playing this game for 2 days now and you should give it a try if you dont mind wasting time waiting for some dim sum to get cooked for 12 hours and waiting for customers to come try them. lol
Check out this video demo below to find out more.

Pucca Restaurant, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch; FREE

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