Unconfirmed iOS 5 Photo Emerges. Looking Good

With iOS5 drawing nearer to announcement as WWDC will be happening in less than half a day, unconfirmed information starts to go around the web very rapidly.

Techcrunch has just posted a photo of the homescreen of an iPhone running iOS 5 focusing on the new notification system at the top of the screen. They didnt report the original source of the photo and says this might be a well-realized mockup based on recent rumors and speculation.

The editor of Tech Crunch, MG Siegler has something to say about this photo

Could it be? Is this it? iOS 5?! I honestly have absolutely no clue. But it certainly seems like it at least could have the right idea.

Before you go yelling “fake” on the obvious things, a couple notes. First of all, yes, 11:54 PM is in the future — in the United States. But if the Weather app is to be believed, this is clearly a European version of iOS (note the 23 degree Celsius in the icon instead of 72 degree Fahrenheit as you would see in the U.S.). Second, the Camera app icon is totally different, and looks a little odd being all-black, but who knows, maybe it’s changing. The icons are in the “correct” default order. Finally, if the talk of deep Twitter integration into iOS 5 is to be believed (we heard a bit, others have heard a bit more), it’s entirely possible that these new-style Twitter notifications could be working in iOS 5 right out of the box

The best way to find out if this is real is to follow the updates from WWDC later when Steve Jobs announces new iOS 5, Mac OSX Lion and iCloud services.