‘Street Fighter 4: Volt’ Coming Soon, Featuring 18 Characters & Wifi

The follow up of ‘Street fighter 4’ for iPhone and iPod Touch is coming! It will be called ‘Street Fighter 4: Volt’.

Capcom claimed that they have ‘perfected’ the game when they announced that 18 characters will be featured in this new version alongside the addition of Wi-Fi competitive play, which allows users to battle each other via Wifi no matter where they are. They also mentioned to have “perfected” the action with a control feature set similar the original game.

Among all the 18 characters, four are new to iPhone and iPod Touch series: Balrog, Vega, and Cody. They 4th addition will be a ‘mystery character’.

Capcom has confirmed that the game should be available on the App Store this July. So for now, check ou this amazing video of Street Fighter 4: Volt.


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