Nokia E6 Full Qwerty Touchscreen Hands-On! [video]

At the ‘intimate’ session with Nokia Malaysia earlier, we got to play with the Nokia E6 and the X7. Hands on preview of the X7 has been posted here.

Now let’s move on to this other Symbian Anna device, the E6, a business phone with full qwerty keyboard + a high resolution touchscreen.

The device measures 115.5 x 59 x 10.5mm and weighs 133g. Felt very good in the hands and since the built was very solid, we did not feel any creaks at all. The full qwerty keyboard was very easy to press. Each button has sort of like a click feel to it so you know that you have pressed a button when you do so.

The QWERTY and touch combination has been a longed for feature by E71, E72 users. It’s really a lot easier to navigate around the menus and icons by swiping and tapping on them instead of clicking the navibutton like previous versions of the E series. The E6 comes in 3 colour variants. Black, Silver and White. At launch, only the first 2 colours will be available.

Symbian Anna works just like advertise. Nicer icons, new Ovi Maps with check in feature, better browser and snappier all around… but being a Nokia Symbian device, it tends to be a bit sluggish at times.. not all the times… but it does. The screen is a bright 2.46-inch LCD capacitive touch display offering 16mn colours and a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. It’s made of tough glass for great durability.

The 8-megapixel full focus (EDOF) camera has a dual-LED flash, 2X digital zoom (3X in video mode) and offers HD 720p video recording at 25fps. Being a full focus camera, you will not get macro mode, or even auto focus features. Objects need to be at least 25cm away in order to look sharp. Check out our full focus camera post to see some sample photos.

The 2 colours which will be made available at launch. The RRP for Nokie E6 is RM1155.

Nokia Malaysia is currently accepting pre-orders for the Nokia E6 which will get you a bluetooth headset if you sign up.

Check out the video below to see more of Nokia E6.

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