Hands-On Photos Of Nokia N9 And C2-03 From Nokia Connection

Nokia just announced some new devices at Nokia Connection event 2 hours ago. This also symbolises Nokia’s next chapter in the mobile phone industry.

Nokia N9

One of the devices announced is the Nokia N9. A Meego powered device which focuses on swipe gestures which allows users to maneuver around the interface in a carousel-like format.

Made of unibody plastic with smooth shapes and as what Stephen Elop mentioned, the screen is maximised to fit the vivid 3.9” AMOLED. It comes in 3 colours: black, magenta, cyan.

Here are some photos I took during the product preview session just 30 minute ago.

To swipe, just slide the finger smoothly along the curved glass and curved shape of the device. Hardware and software were jointly designed to ensure that they fit together seamlessly. A simple swipe in any application takes you back to the home view. Swipe again to view the live multitasking screen.

The notification screen shows all the notifications you get from different apps. Tapping on one will bring you to the respective app.

It has an 8MP autofocus camera with high performance Carl Zeiss optics. Touch to focus, shoot quickly and move smoothly between stills, video and gallery. One thing to notice is that the N9 can capture more with wide-angle lens and true 16:9 imaging and stereo audio. It has great low light performance too with large lens aperture (f/2.2) and dual LED flash.

Easy sharing to internet services and via NFC to the people close to you. Check out the hands on video below to know more.

The Nokia N9 will be $660 Usd for 16gb and $749 Usd for 64gb

Nokia C2-03

The C2-03 is the first ever Touch and Type Dual SIM phones to feature Easy Swap. It’s also the first S40 device with new Nokia Browser to allow users to access the Internet faster, easier and more affordably

It’s also the first device that comes with Nokia Maps. It works with the phone offline as well. No data connection is needed.

Video below.

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