Nokia N9 Hands-On Photos & Video

So Nokia announced their upcoming Meego powered smartphone at Communicasia last week in Singapore and we got out hands on the device to have try at it.

Just for you information, the N9 is the first-ever pure touch smartphone that focuses on apps, get notifications and multitasking. Navigating the UI is done with a simple gesture, a swipe of a finger. There are 3 screens which you would maneuver around like a carousel; Notifications, menu icons & multitasking switcher screen. All users need to do is swipe the finger from outside the screen (any side) to the center to switch among the 3 screens. The image above is the apps screen where you can see all the icons to your apps here.

Swiping to the left (from the edge of the screen) brings in the multitasking screen. The UI is so smooth and fluid it almost felt like a non-Nokia phone (well we all know how sluggish Symbian devices can be on Nokia devices). Opening apps, closing apps and switching among them takes less then 1 second to perform. It’s shockingly fast.

The Nokia N9 has a unibody design where the whole body is made of 1 piece of polycarbonate. Has a 3.9 inch curved glass AMOLED screen (though 4″ would be a better size) with laminated display technology, causing the applications to appear floating on top of the screen. The polycarbonate material enables superior antenna performance and according to Stephen Elop at the presentation, “users can hold the phone anyway they want without interrupting the antenna signal, unlike other devices” haha.

I love the camera. Like SERIOUSLY LOVE IT. The N9 has a 8MP auto focus camera with Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash and super wide 28mm lens. It captures HD video and true 16:9 resolution photos. The sharing options are limitless! You can share your photos via MMS, email, NFC, social networks like Flickr, Twitter Facebook and more. As long as you have the particular app installed, the option will appear in the sharing menu. Camera settings are as expected from Nokia devices; exposure, white balance, resolution, quality, face detection and more.

Another thing I love about the N9 is the browser. Its built on the latest Webkit 2 technology. The webpage is responsive even when it is still loading so you dont need to waste time waiting for the page to completely loaded before you can tap on anything. Favourite websites are shown as visual thumbnails, supported by a full browsing history. The browser currently supports HTML5 but not Flash. According to them, Flash support will be added in future updates.

The Nokia N9 comes in three colours: black, cyan and magenta with capacities of 16GB or 64GB. Do note that the latter variant only comes in Black.

Check out this video we recorded of the Nokia N9.

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