HOW TO: Upload Photos To Google+ From Your iPhone

While the Google+ app is still pending approval on the AppStore, many iPhone users who are also on Google+ might scratch their heads on how to get their photos on the new social network platform.

Here’s a simple step by step on exactly how you can do that (until the G+ app becomes available soon).

Step 1
Download the Piconhand app from the Appstore for free.

Step 2
Login with your Google credentials.

Step 3
Tap on the + sign at the top right corner and add a new album. You may name it ‘mobile’ or anything you like.

Step 4
When asked to allow location services for Piconhand, click YES/ALLOW.

Step 5
Tap on ‘upload’ at the bottom, select your newly created album and select photos from your gallery.

Step 6
Photos will immediately appear on your Google+ photo album. You can then set to share the album with your circles.

That’s it. Enjoy 😀

Piconhand. iPhone: FREE

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