iPhone 5 Not Announced Yet, But This Guy Is Already Queuing For It

Believe it or not, you can never be the first in the world to queue for the next iPhone anymore cos this guy has beaten you to it.

Rob Shoesmith, 29, is doing just that, and got a lot of freebies for doing that too.

Stationed outside Covent Garden Apple Retail Store in London, Rob has queued for 3 weeks and is waiting to buy the upcoming iPhone which is not even announced yet, let alone the release date.

Funny enough, for being the first to queue, he has been given everything from “scented candles and aftershave to use of a £20,000 Chevrolet car, £800 worth of outdoor gear and food from top restaurants” which totals at about $64,000.

Covent Garden Apple Retail Store in London, photo from Zimbio

Actually, Rob is doing this as part of his job as a marketing executive for Medl Mobile, which makes iPhone apps. By doing this, it helps to “build contacts with the thousands of companies he has emailed for free goods.”

According to him

People might look at this and say that I’m being greedy but I want to prove that it can be done in the most over-the-top way.