Street Fighter IV Volt Getting 2 New Characters & A Tip for Unlocking Akuma

Good news to all Street Fighter 4 Volt fans who owns the game on the iPhone. Capcom is planning to introduce some new characters to the iPhone game soon and the first to appear for Street Fighter IV Volt will be a pair of female fighters, Sakura and Makoto.

Sakura has been a favorite from the Alpha series and Makoto made her first appearance in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Besides the addition of 2 new characters, Capcom has also made it easier to unlock Akuma.

Currently in order to unlock this character, one has to play and beat him with every character in Arcade mode or by playing 100 matches online, which I think takes too much time energy and our precious life. lol

There’s an easier way to do that now.. but you have to own the original Street fighter IV game on your iPhone to perform this. Simply start Arcade mode in Street Fighter IV Volt and at the character select screen, tap on the characters in the following order:
Ryu > Abel > Guile > Cammy > Ryu.
Pause for about a second at each character and then when you return to Ryu, tap on him again to reveal Akuma which will be unlocked permanently from then on.

So there you go. If you haven’t got SF4:Volt yet, please get it from the AppStore and challenge me! My Gamecenter ID is “smashpop”.

STREET FIGHTER IV Volt, iPhone: $6.99


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