We’ll Be At The Nokia N9 Special Preview Tonight. Post Your Questions Here!

Nokia recently announced the Meego powered Nokia N9 at Nokia Connection few weeks ago and we were there to cover the event.

Then we posted some hands-on photos and video of the N9.

Recently we also posted some sample photos and video taken using the N9 itself.

Now, the Nokia N9 has arrived in Malaysia for a special preview and we will be there tonight!

If you have any questions regarding the Nokia N9, please leave them at the comments below or email me: smashpop at gmail dot com

  • Haiqal

    where will it be?

  • Anonymous

    Obvious questions: Release date, Nokia support, which countries, price.

    Q. If the Nokia N9 turns out to be more popular than the WP7/Nokia phone will Nokia consider switching their focus back to Meego Harmattan?

    Q. File Manager? Is it available in ‘developer mode’, if not included at all on the phone, why?

    Q. Will you be able to change the background in the app menu or multitasking menu, right now it is black only?

    Q. Any information on the new Nokia Link program that the N9 uses instead of ovi?

    Q. Will the N9 get USB-ON-THE-GO in the future?

    Q. Possibility of releasing the N950 in the future?