Nokia N9 Kuala Lumpur Preview Pt.1 [Hands-On Photos & Video]

Nokia Malaysia organised a special preview session of the upcoming Nokia N9 in KL last night with the bloggers. It was held at Marmalade, Bangsar Village 2. We were there to play around with the N9 (again.. since we have already had our hands on it back at Nokia Connection: LINK LINK LINK)

Product Manager, Glen Cha introducing the device to bloggers and explaining the new features and hardware of the N9.

Here are some photos of different screens and apps on the device.

The Interface has 3 main screens: Apps, Notifications & Multitasking. This is how the apps menu screen looks like.
Vertical scrolling is very smooth. To re-arrange the icons, just tap and hold on one, then drag them around when it’s in the ‘edit’ mode. It’s still lacking the ability to create folders, which I think is a very important feature when we start to have hundreds of app icons on the screen.

This is the notifications cum updates screen. Rss feeds, Facebook notifications, Twitter mentions and everything else are in here. Just swipe your finger from the edge to the center of the screen to bring up this screen.
Tapping on an individual entry will bring up the respective app.

Love this screen a lot. The phone dial pad design is so minimalist I can actually stare at it for hours. (Designer’s point of view ok.. very subjective ahah).

This is where you type your text messages. It has built in autocorrect which works the opposite of the iPhone. When the autocorrected word pops up under your misspelt word, tap it to select, unlike on the iPhone where you tap is to ignore.

Gallery. It’s categories in different folders which users can create manually. Works very smoothly as expected. Pinch to zoom, double tap to zoom all works without flaw.

Few of us took a photo there too. Bloggers: Joshua, Me, Asri and BryanSapien.

Check out the hands-on video below!

Currently the price and availability of the N9 is still not announced. We will definitely announce it here once it’s been revealed.

PART 2 coming up REALLY SOON. Stay tuned

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